Check out the latest update of Book Tracker. The app is now compatible with Apple's latest OSs, and Shortcuts are now fully compatible with Spotlight in iOS 17. Support for iPhone Stand-By mode and iPad Lock-screen Widgets has also been implemented. Download the free update from the App Store now!


Book Tracker 3.2 will be released on September 18. In addition to support for iOS 17 and iPhone 15, integration to new Shortcuts in Spotlight, Stand-By mode and Widgets for the iPad Lock Screen is added.

Finally put all my books into @BookTracker 🥳 Took me long enough. I’m very happy with some of the newer features (like undated read-status, multiple languages per book)

Book Tracker 3.1.0 is a free update for all existing users. Download it from the App Store and Mac App Store. I am really very curious to read all your feedback and comments. Discover all the new features. Enjoy!

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Many pages have been redesigned to make the UX smoother and more enjoyable. There is a new process to create Tags, Series, Categories or Authors and select a new filter. New Widget to have random quotes from all your books and new Shortcuts are now available.

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Every time you finish reading a book you can rate on it and enter a note contextually.

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It is now possible to add more than one note to books, and there have also been improvements to quotes entry. In fact, the ability to insert the quote page and change the primary color of each inserted item has been added.

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One of the most requested feature has been added. It is now possible to track multiple readings of the same book and you can enter reading progress without specifying the date. There are also improvements to the audiobook listening tracking.

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The home screen (iPhone) and sidebar (iPad and Mac) have been overhauled to have at your fingertips your reading statistics, the books you are reading, and your quotes.

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The new Book Tracker version has been released. It is the biggest update since it was released almost 4 years ago. The foundations and a lot of the screens have been rebuilt to make the app ready to accommodate new features in the future. Let's find out about all the news!

Ready to discover Book Tracker 3.1? It is only one day away from release in the App Store and Mac App Store!

Save the date! Book Tracker 3.1 will be released on May 24, 2023 for iOS and macOS. I can't wait to show you all the new features 📚

If you'd like to use Book Tracker in your language and want to help with translation or fix existing one, you can do so via this repository. Let me know if you have any doubts. Thank you!

Hello 👋 Book Tracker is a privacy focus app for , and that can help you to catalog your library, manage your reading list, track reading progress and save favorite quotes.
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