Book Tracker 3.2 will be released on September 18. In addition to support for iOS 17 and iPhone 15, integration to new Shortcuts in Spotlight, Stand-By mode and Widgets for the iPad Lock Screen is added.

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@BookTracker Looks like a great update. Are you planning on adding Journal integration whenever Apple gets around to releasing the developer API for it?

@hopscotchjalopy I’ll evaluate them for sure when they’ll be available ☺️

Unrelated question:
Is there or could there be an easier way to manage/consolidate authors and publishers?

For example, if I have several books by the same publisher but they’re variously listed under “Y. Z.”, “Ypsilon Zed” and “Ypsilon Zed publisher” - could there be a way to consolidate these into the same publisher name without me having to go into each book individually? Same can happen to author names as non-Western names can be variously romanized and create multiples of the same author.

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