Check out the latest update of Book Tracker. The app is now compatible with Apple's latest OSs, and Shortcuts are now fully compatible with Spotlight in iOS 17. Support for iPhone Stand-By mode and iPad Lock-screen Widgets has also been implemented. Download the free update from the App Store now!


@hopscotchjalopy I’ll evaluate them for sure when they’ll be available ☺️

Book Tracker 3.2 will be released on September 18. In addition to support for iOS 17 and iPhone 15, integration to new Shortcuts in Spotlight, Stand-By mode and Widgets for the iPad Lock Screen is added.

Finally put all my books into @BookTracker 🥳 Took me long enough. I’m very happy with some of the newer features (like undated read-status, multiple languages per book)

1. Enable iCloud on your iPad and Mac
2. Delete your library from the iPad app (you can do it in the app settings)
3. Export the library from the iPhone and import it on your iPad
4. Check that iPad and Mac are in sync and do the appropriate edits to the library
5. Disable iCloud on your iPhone
6. Open the app and check that the library is empty
7. Enable iCloud on your iPhone
8. Check that the iPhone app is in sync with iPad and Mac

@richert unfortunately quotes and reading stats are not imported. If multiple imports had not been made, fixing this would have been easier and more painless.

@richert The problem is that until this is performed on the iPhone, there is no way to unlock the synchronization. The inconsistencies on the other devices are because multiple imports have been performed. The advice I can give you is to delete the library on iPad, export the library from iPhone and import it to iPad, fix the missing information and finally disable iCloud on iPhone, open the app and check that the library is empty finally and enable iCloud again.

@richert it seems that the iPhone is not syncing with iCloud. If you add books to your iPad or Mac, the library should be in sync between these two devices. Have you tried disabling iCloud on your iPhone?

@richert it’s really strange. Do you have the same problem even when connecting all devices to Wi-Fi? How many devices do you own? Are all devices not updating?

@richert do you open the app after that you have disabled iCloud? It is important to open the app in order that the local DB is updated and the library must be empty.

@torparskytt at the moment it is not possible to edit the total pages of an existing reading status. The only way to fix it is to create a new one.

@richert I suggest you manually adding the missing books and then perform the same operation also on your iPhone.

@richert Thanks for the report. Try to disable iCloud for Book Track on your iPad, open the app (the library will disappear), enable iCloud and open the app again. Perform the same operation on your iPad. It should fix the sync issue.

Book Tracker 3.1.0 is a free update for all existing users. Download it from the App Store and Mac App Store. I am really very curious to read all your feedback and comments. Discover all the new features. Enjoy!

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Many pages have been redesigned to make the UX smoother and more enjoyable. There is a new process to create Tags, Series, Categories or Authors and select a new filter. New Widget to have random quotes from all your books and new Shortcuts are now available.

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Every time you finish reading a book you can rate on it and enter a note contextually.

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