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Friendly reminder to rate and review your favorite apps, in particular apps from indie developers like Anders. It really means a lot.

Quoting @palmin:

Captionista 1.1.2 is live — A great shiny polish release for Christmas! Among many fixes, we resolved sync issues with Saved Themes, tweaked subtitle text splitting and gave portrait videos a little more space on screen. Also for Americans… it’s wrong but now you get Color.

It occurred to us somewhat late, but:
The public sector strikes in the UK have prompted us to explicitly state that we’ll give Pro access to those reporting on or campaigning for strikes like these. Subtitle your strike videos for free! See

Add subtitles and captions to your short form videos quickly, accurately, and with style.

Say hello to Plinky, an app for your links on iOS & Mac. 🔗

It’s still early days but the app goes beyond bookmarking, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve rethinking link management, workflows, and collaboration. Here’s a sneak peek of Plinky in action.

Soon you’ll be able to share your favourite recipes with your friends!

If there's an app you love and think someone else could find useful, don't forget that you can gift apps—you can even set a specific delivery time so the surprise doesn't get ruined. There's a ton of great apps popping up on our new server if you want to support indie developers in particular.

“Captionista is a fantastic tool for anyone who has ever wanted to add a bit of explanatory text to their videos” — MacStories

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