Looking forward to ? Use the DoMarks app to stay on top of everything new! Unlock the full app experience at 50% off your first year (offer available now thru June 17).

And later this week, catch a glimpse at what's new in 2.0, available later this month!

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While I've had a productive two weeks tweaking the DoMarks 2.0 beta, I'm no longer certain this will release before WWDC. I keep fixing things that I've wanted to touch for a while. BUT, when it does finally come, I'll be happy with it.

To testers waiting, thank you for your patience. It'll be coming ASAP.

Looking forward to getting a 2.0 beta available this weekend. Not all features will be active, but it'll test underlying architecture changes.

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DoMarks 1.5 is out now. It contains a few minors improvements.

Meanwhile, our focus is still on 2.0. Every part of the app will be getting some love!

Making good progress on the next major release of DoMarks. Can't wait to get this polished up! It should be a very productive week.

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One thing I absolutely love are support and feature request emails from users that take the time to explain their use case. Having those conversations truly helps me see how others use my creations.

Setting up a new feed here for app updates. Happy to answer questions, provide support, and hear overall feedback, too!

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