The rotors for source code in are awesome, and a huge time saver.

🎙️ Got anything fun you're working on to show off before WWDC? New app? Update? Student Challenge submission? Concept art? Drop a reply here — include a screenshot, link-out, and use the hashtag #showcase if you'd like to be boosted. Do remember you can edit posts if you forget something

I suspect it’s much easier to debug—or at least faster to diagnose—weird physics engine behaviors when you can actually see a graphical representation of a body’s orientation. 😂

Adding game controller support was something we had wanted to do for a very long time. It really changes the whole experience of the game. If you have one of Apple’s supported game controllers available, or you want to grab one, you won’t be disappointed. We plan on supporting game controllers in all our releases where it makes sense going forward.

That was one of the most painless App Store submissions we’ve ever had. Sailed right through! ChangeReaction 3.0 is out now. Https://

Working on and Testing the final touches in ChangeReaction 3.0 for , I realize, most emphatically, that I do not, in any way, miss header files.

I'm excited to announce that the Swift over Coffee podcast is coming back! @mikaelacaron and I will record the first episode of season 3 before #WWDC23, so our open ballot question is the one everyone is asking: what are you looking forward to most at WWDC? We'll feature as many replies as we can!

We’re putting the finishing touches on ChangeReaction 3.0. The biggest change is support for console game controllers, and it really changes the feel of the game, especially when you feel the haptics of all those coins exploding! Both SilverDollar and ChangeReaction have been upgraded to run natively on Apple Silicon, which was not as challenging as we feared it might be.

Hey there! We are a small company (two visually impaired ) of for the and community on platforms, although we hope some sighted will enjoy our offerings as well. We plan on using this account to post development notes and progress on our apps and connect with other indie developers.

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