Working on and Testing the final touches in ChangeReaction 3.0 for , I realize, most emphatically, that I do not, in any way, miss header files.

@Draconis Plan to eventually convert those two codebases into pure Swift? Or too much trouble for too little gain?

@Brynify Yeah. Both SilverDollar and ChangeReaction will be migrated to pure Swift and our new game engine when we bring them to iOS and the rest. That migration is not our highest priority at the moment, though, so it’ll be a little while yet.

@DerryLawlor @Draconis There are versions for windows, yes, but unless you've already bought them in the past, you can no longer do so. Kind of sad IMO. Their legacy titles are worth a play even if they are old versions, and it's sad that unless you already have a key for them you can't experience them ever.

@Brynify @Draconis Yes I did buy for the mac years and years ago, loved silver dollar I was awesome

@Brynify @DerryLawlor Some of those games were written in the 90s, and unfortunately, the time sink to continue supporting them was untenable. They were probably available for a decade longer than the original versions of just about any mainstream games. Given more time, resources, or funds, we may have tried to stretch it out longer, but it just didn’t make business sense to do so.

@Draconis @DerryLawlor Wow damn. I forget just how old some of those games actually are.

@Draconis @Brynify A pure Swift engine designed for audio games? That sounds great.

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