@philsherry There’s an included REadMe. Most are short scripts to illustrate how to do certain kinds of tasks. We’ll add more if there’s interest. Some included are:
* Battery Percentage -- Announces the battery level and whether the machine is charging.
* Read the Clipboard -- Reads the contents of the clipboard.
* Click At VO Cursor -- Click the mouse at VO cursor.
* Jump To Source Editor -- Jumps to the Xcode Source Editor.

There aren’t a lot of examples of scripts out there, so we made a small collection that range from truly useful to the mainly demonstrative. Have something you’d like to see added to the collection? Let us know! You can download the collection from our website here: draconis.llc/misc/

It's almost #WWDC23, so my annual half price sale has started! You can save 50% on all my books and bundles right here: hackingwithswift.com/offers

@Brynify Probably not as excited as we are to show it off. LOL. Development is moving pretty quickly at the moment.

@Brynify Mistakes like that are easy to make. ChangeReaction and SilverDollar both started out as C++ for essentially the same reason, and we now consider that a mistake, too. For us, long-term support of two very different platforms was not where we wanted to put our resources, and it resulted in compromises we didn’t like. The quality of our upcoming titles, even in their current in-development state, will hopefully convince more of the community that we made the right call.

@Brynify Yikes. I have almost no experience with Python, and either one of those compile times is enough to tell me I never will. 😂

@Brynify That’s quite a list you have there, but it’d be worth it! In my experience, just about any Apple Silicon-based Mac is plenty up to the task of running Xcode these days, depending on what you’re working on. Your mileage may vary, of course.

The rotors for source code in are awesome, and a huge time saver.

@Blindworrell The plan is to release all our old titles, along with new ones, over time.

🎙️ Got anything fun you're working on to show off before WWDC? New app? Update? Student Challenge submission? Concept art? Drop a reply here — include a screenshot, link-out, and use the hashtag #showcase if you'd like to be boosted. Do remember you can edit posts if you forget something

I suspect it’s much easier to debug—or at least faster to diagnose—weird physics engine behaviors when you can actually see a graphical representation of a body’s orientation. 😂

@alexhall Consoles are one of the most popular forms of gaming, and they all use controllers. They really are the best in many, probably most, games. YMMV, of course.

@alexhall The PlayStation Dualshock or Dualsense controllers work really well with Apple devices. I would be surprised if they weren’t supported by Steam as well, but you should double check that. Controllers tend to be highly subject to user preference. Everyone has their own favorites. Those just happen to be mine.

Adding game controller support was something we had wanted to do for a very long time. It really changes the whole experience of the game. If you have one of Apple’s supported game controllers available, or you want to grab one, you won’t be disappointed. We plan on supporting game controllers in all our releases where it makes sense going forward.

That was one of the most painless App Store submissions we’ve ever had. Sailed right through! ChangeReaction 3.0 is out now. Https://draconis.llc/games/cha

@Brynify @DerryLawlor Some of those games were written in the 90s, and unfortunately, the time sink to continue supporting them was untenable. They were probably available for a decade longer than the original versions of just about any mainstream games. Given more time, resources, or funds, we may have tried to stretch it out longer, but it just didn’t make business sense to do so.

@Brynify Yeah. Both SilverDollar and ChangeReaction will be migrated to pure Swift and our new game engine when we bring them to iOS and the rest. That migration is not our highest priority at the moment, though, so it’ll be a little while yet.

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