🚨 Signals for #HomeKit helps you communicate within your home via different light signals. For example: Green light means dinner time! Developer: @HomeMadeAutomation

☀️ Follow the Sun for #HomeKit helps you to get just the right light at just the right time. This awesome app was built by Matt. Find out more on @HomeMadeAutomation

Just learned of a super-creative automation from one of our customers. They don't have a doorbell - instead, they have a security camera that can be accessed via a local URL, and a wired doorbell that's been brought into HomeKit via HomeBridge.

Using a Signals Automation running on their Mac, a Shortcut is triggered whenever anyone rings the doorbell - it takes a snapshot from the camera, and sends them a text with the image, so they know who's there. Brilliant!

Time for an !

HomeMade Automation makes apps that make your Smart Home truly smart.

First up is Follow the Sun for HomeKit - you spent a lot of money on those smart lights, so why do you need to adjust them by hand? Follow the Sun can get you just the right light, just when you need it!


Next - Signals for HomeKit. Sick of yelling through the house to get your kids (or partners) attention? Use the smart lights you already have!


Getting some smart bulbs for the holidays? Use them to get attention throughout the house, with Signals for HomeKit!


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