Exciting news for our app users! The latest update of NFC & RFID for iPhone now allows you to trigger FaceTime on your iPhone with just a tap of an NFC tag🤳

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The NFC & RFID for iPhone is now available in 2 additional languages: Korean and Norwegian. There are currently 28 languages available. Download and enjoy the app in your preferred language! 🇰🇷🇳🇴

Download now: apps.apple.com/app/apple-store

Learn how to save money like a pro using NFC & RFID for iPhone app to compare prices and find the best deals in town

The measure must come into effect by 2030, and is aimed at giving more power to consumers to choose more sustainable products. Through a QR Code on the label, consumers will be able to access information about the origin of raw materials.

We are thrilled to hear that our app is making a difference in your lives. Keep the positive feedback coming, and let’s continue to make an impact together ❤️

Say goodbye to paper business cards! With NFC & RFID for iPhone, you can create digital business cards that can be easily shared and saved on smartphones.

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