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I'm really happy with the UI refresh and additions I've got coming to @PleaseDontRain tomorrow for iOS 17.

I took "inspiration" from @mercury and added symbols to each forecast item, which I think makes it look much better. Big thanks to @Blindworrell for helping me test the VoiceOver changes I needed to make to get this working.

There's also a new temperature chart and Standby widgets that are really handy.

#iOS17 #PleaseDontRain

The iOS 17 update for Please Don't Rain is so close. Here's a sneak peek! 🤫

Been a little quiet here but a nice update is coming for Please Don't Rain for the launch of iOS 17.

I'm particularly fond of the standby widgets.

A major update for Please Don't Rain is available now! There's a fresh new look, selectable themes, and a large amount of new images.

Version 1.21 is out.

An excellent blog post by Paul Hudson made me realize that support for Voice Control was quite lacking in parts of the app. I apologize for this! This version is dedicated to making Voice Control support better. If there are things that I missed or could have done better please send me feedback.

Version 1.20 is out!

It gives the Settings tab a much needed makeover. The entire look is different and it has been broken into sections to make things easier to find.

Version 1.19 is out!

# Bug Fix

Fixed a problem with retrieving a new forecast. In certain scenarios (especially when using a saved favorite location) if you selected a date that was exactly 9 days away then the app would show the forecast but the widgets would not. The widgets would not show weather data until it became 8 days away.

# Accessibility

Improved the VoiceOver descriptions of the photos of people on the Thank You page. They were too generic and were awkward with the Item Chooser.

Accessibility Update (version 1.18)

* With some configurations VoiceOver would read the high temperature, precipitation amount, and then the low temperature. With this update the precipitation amount will be read after the high and low temperatures. Thanks to @Blindworrell for pointing this out.

* The forecast details are now much easier to discover when you're exploring with touch and drag gestures with VoiceOver.

It's the last big release before Dub Dub!

With version 1.17 the app will now let Pro users save favorite locations so that they can easily access them in the future.

Thanks to @Blindworrell for suggesting this feature, giving me tips on how to make it better for accessibility, and for helping me test it!

Version 1.15 has been approved. The app will now calculate and display the maximum gusts predicted for the day.

Also some always exciting bug fixes.

You can also configure the app to share only text or only an image when sharing forecasts.

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Version 1.14 with forecast sharing has been approved!

A share button has been added at the bottom of the forecast data near the "Last Update" time. (Pro required)

An image with the forecast data is generated. It will use the same colors/themes that widgets are configured for and can be changed in the section of Settings called "Widgets and Sharing".

By default a text version of the forecast data will also be shared for accessibility reasons since not everyone will be able to see the image.

Here's a blog post I wrote about how I got the idea for the app and the challenges (and rewards) of its development.

This cute panda is one of three new weather images in version 1.13! 😍 It's rolling out today.

A little birdie told me that there are new rain and snow images in version 1.11 that is rolling out today!

Version 1.11 is rolling out now.

It contains a brand new widget!

If you're watching today's weather but the only rain for today was at 2AM you might not care.

If you have an upcoming morning event you might not care if the only rain for that day starts at 10PM.

The "Next Hour" widget shows you the next hour on your selected day that could be affected by precipitation. The symbol next to the hour indicates that this is an hour in the future.

Version 1.10 was approved this morning.

It adds widget themes!

Instead of changing colors for widgets manually you can now select from gallery of beautiful color combinations. If one of the selections isn't to your exact liking you can adjust its colors manually with the existing controls in the Settings tab.

Version 1.9 was just approved!

The day of the week has been added to medium and large-sized widgets.

Bugs were fixed, including an error with looking up some locations in Japan.

The "Please Wait" dialog that appears when looking up the weather will no longer animate if "Reduce Motion" is active at the system level.

Version 1.8 was approved this morning!

It adds UV Index, sunrise, and sunset that will appear in the app for your selected day if they're available.

There's many changes to the UI and the German localization was improved.

Several VoiceOver improvements were made as well as some changes to the main UI when the largest accessibility text sizes are in use.

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