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Version 1.4 has been approved. It contains a huge improvement to the places you can specify. You can choose theme parks (including some rides at major theme parks!!), airports, beaches, campgrounds, marinas, national parks, parks, stadiums, universities, zoos, and schools.

Please Don't Rain doesn't know your location or ask for your location. Track a day's weather for a place with complete privacy!

This happy sun is a new image available for sunny days.

Version 1.3 has been approved and is rolling out now.

Pro users can now use color weather symbols with Super Serious Mode instead of whimsical weather images. VoiceOver improvements were made to weather symbols.

There's also an Easter Egg for @DeepDishSwift while it's still a ways away. Enter the right date and the right location and you'll get a surprise if you're a Pro user.

Friendly reminder that Please Don't Rain is a weather app that doesn't need your location, want your location, or ask for your location. 😃

Thanks everyone that supported me for a whirlwind launch week. I've loved hearing what you're using Please Don't Rain for.

* Bike trips
* Fishing trips
* Birthday celebrations
* Weddings

Where my theme park people at? 😂

Version 1.3 coming very soon with enhancements to Super Serious Mode and an Easter Egg relating to an upcoming pizza-themed Swift and iOS development conference that's coming up.

My brother in law sent me the nicest feedback about @PleaseDontRain . 🥹

He can't write a review in the App Store because I sent him a free copy. 😂


Please Don't Rain launches tomorrow on the App Store for iOS. It's fun way to track whether rain/snow will affect a day that's important to you.

Hello world! Please Don't Rain is an iPhone app that is a fun, convenient way to track whether rain (or snow) will affect a day that’s important to you.

When I had a theme park day coming up I really only cared about the weather for that day and looking it up over and over again was annoying. Hence an app idea was born!

It's out on March 1 and you pre-order it (for free) it would mean the world to me!

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