@albertkinng Exactly. Classic is here to stay, but Elements will be forging a new path forward 💪

RapidWeaver Elements Beta 5 just dropped with some new language additions for developers 😉


New language docs also dropping soon…

We're on a roll. RapidWeaver Elements Beta 3 just dropped for Developers.

Start your update engines.


@albertkinng We have some ideas about how AI could be useful inside of RapidWeaver Elements, but it won't be part of the initial launch… We working on some other innovations first 😉

We hit a big Milestone today…

We shipped the first developer beta of RapidWeaver Elements to a few friendly devs.

Exciting times ahead!

Here's a link to the newsletter we sent out earlier in the week…


Don't forget to check out all the great new RapidWeaver addons listed there 💪

Built a website with RapidWeaver that you're proud of?

🔦 Why not share it with the community in the new "Showcase Your Website" group!


Don't forget the Marketplace has some powerful filtering features to help you find exactly what you're looking for!


This is all possible because of our custom coded back-end built specifically for third-party developers and RapidWeaver users.

There's now over 150 addons listed on the new RapidWeaver Marketplace with more being added weekly 🤩

Go take a look, there's lots of great new stuff available!!!


We've seen a small minority of users get confused over the new naming for RapidWeaver, so here's a quick overview…

- RapidWeaver 8.9.4, is the older version no longer supported.

- RapidWeaver Classic 9.1, is the latest version, fully supported and receiving updates.

Simple, right? But why did we add "Classic" to the name? 🤔

It's no secret we have a new website building product in the works. The naming will make more sense once it's released 😉

Stay tuned.

Display, update, and add live data on your website with Datably from Navigio.

Available now on the RapidWeaver Marketplace.


More RapidWeaver addons are being added weekly to the Marketplace, check it out! 👀


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