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How to Read More Books Than You'd Expect in 2023: Set aside 15-20 minutes a day. You'd be surprised how many books you can finish -

I created a little interactive reading list builder following this advice - could be helpful if you're looking to read more classic books in 2023!

New iOS update rolling out now! Here’s what’s included in v4.10:

• New option to show clock while reading
• New option to badge app icon with unread issue count
• Congrats messages now include option to disable messages
• Improved text selection options in iOS 16
• Improved design of book settings & text legibility
• Add Mastodon & other social links to About section

Interested in helping beta test Serial Reader? I’m in the middle of testing the next iOS version! Invite slots open on

New book now available: "A Journey in Other Worlds" by John Jacob Astor (1894) - 29 issues. (Yes, *that* wealthy Astor who would later perish in the Titanic)

A vision of the far off future in the year 2000 with speculation on telephones, solar power, air travel, and adjusting the tilt of the Earth. Plus blood-sucking bats on Jupiter!

The Public Domain Review has more on the book:

Serial Reader is now on Mastodon! 👋

Serial Reader is a free mobile app that helps you read books in daily bite-sized bits. Subscribe to any of 850+ classic books -- or supply your own EPUB -- and Serial Reader will divide it up & deliver in daily issues.

Each issue can be read in 20 minutes or less! Great way to fit reading into your busy day.

I'll be sharing app updates & when new books are added here on Mastodon.

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