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should we add crossposting to mastodon?

Songish Preview: personal (discord) webhooks.

set a discord webhook in your user settings, and post your new Songish posts to your discord channel!

Songish Preview: custom backgrounds

show off some personality with custom user backgrounds!

so what songs are people talking about???

Songish Preview: Trending Songs

Last 7 days, what 4 songs are being talked about the most, that's it!

the "UserArtist" program...

a User of Songish that is also an indie Artist!

UserArtists will get featured on the right sidebar, in our New Music Friday's, and have a cute little green badge next to their name :D

No requirements, except for you have to be a user on Songish, and preferably indie label signed/self releasing, but that's not required.

(UserArtists in the following screenshots are NOT a part of the program, just shown for demonstration purposes.)

user page!

banners, bios, now playing, and such.

/!\ This is a W.I.P. Screenshot.

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