Here is a short sneak peek of the upcoming version:

Use colors for Tags and Smart Collections as the main color in list view.
Choose your own accent color in Surfed.

With the updated Tagging and Share Sheet view, it's now even easier to tag web pages in Safari or in Surfed.
New Tag-filters make it easier to find the tags you are looking for.

@Surfed Is it possible to sync tags and Surfed information between the Mac, iPhone, and iPad? Thanks!

@mitchw This feature is currently being integrated, and a sync between all devices will be possible.

Until then, tags can be shared:
Long press on a Tag > Share
Main Menu > Export All

> Import on other device

@Surfed@indieapps.spaceThanks! i’ll probably hold off on a proper test drive until you have sync in place. I do almost as much browsing on the iPad as I do on the Mac.

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