Check out this video by @ChrisLawley that shows why Surfed was built. It helps you find visited websites in Safari and organize your browsing history.

@mitchw iCloud sync will definitely come in version 1.5. Thank you very much for still being interested in Surfed. Thanks for following, I will post here about all updates and new features. Best regards!

@mitchw Thank you for the kind words. As a developer, it's always great to hear and it's motivating.
Yes, there will soon be support for Chrome and Firefox.
The website with an explanation of all the features is currently being developed. However, the app already has a help section that describes some of the features.
If you have a specific question, I'll try to implement help for it right away.
I'm always open to ideas and feedback. I would be very happy if you like the app.

The Shortcuts and automation enthusiast @Martindb presents the Surfed Web Trigger function in an blog article.

@richaesthetic Do you use the Chinese localisation? Currently it has some edge cases!?

@richaesthetic Yes, currently it will be fired when the website is fully loaded to have access to the whole html document. Put I can consider to implement another trigger to run a web trigger, as soon as the url was opened. I will try to find a solution for you. Thanks for your use case!

Great blog post about a use case of Web Trigger. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, web triggers can be shared very easily if wanted.

Do you also use your own Web Triggers?

(Blog post in German)

Say hello to Surfed 1.4! More than 60 new features, just made browsing and automation in Safari, managing your browsing history and bookmarks even better.

@kleinheld Awesome! Feedback is always welcome. Are you interested to join the TestFlight build?

@kleinheld Yes, this is currently a limitation but iCloud sync will definitely come in version 1.5 🤞

AI tagging works this way. By the way, data will only be sent to OpenAI manually triggered by user.

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Follow this post and see what's coming in Surfed 1.4.

This is the new article integration:

• 🎧 Start listening to an article right from Safari.
• 🎥 Media Player integration.
• 📰 Article view.
• 💾 Articles will be automatically saved while browsing.
• ✂️ Summarize an article with OpenAI (and set it as a note).
• 🏷️ Add tags with OpenAI.
• 🔍 Find every visited websites with full-text search.

Example article is by @viticci

@viticci @johnvoorhees Surfed contains a gallery to get started with Web Trigger. With the new Notification Actions you can setup up to 11 Shortcuts for every website which can be performed while browsing.

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While waiting for Surfed 1.4, which comes with 3 new shortcut actions, you can attend the Automation April event and submit your personal favourite shortcut. Please let me know, if it includes a Surfed action or if you combine shortcuts with Web Triggers. Join the awesome hosts @viticci and @johnvoorhees on

With Surfed 1.4 you will be able to tag websites automatically while browsing.
Only add a new Web Trigger with the action “Tag website with…”, enter your trigger rules and start browsing.
The second screenshot shows a setup with a notification which will be shown when the trigger matches. Tapping on it opens the tag list in Surfed

Available soon.

Inspired a bit by the app "The Magic Highlighter", I wrote a Web Trigger for @Surfed that will color-code search phrases in the results of many web pages and can be installed from the gallery in Surfed.
By the way: Web Triggers are extensions for Surfed that are automatically executed in Safari when the rules matches.
Various actions can be added that will then be executed. A bit like shortcuts for Safari. #safari #extension

Short teaser of the upcoming version 1.4:
Notification Actions!

Get a notification while browsing in Safari and run up to 11 customisable actions on the current Safari website:
Run Shortcuts, open app schemes, perform background URL requests, open URLs, copy to clipboard, add tags, add a reminder, favourite or flag.
You can define your own trigger rules and unlimited web trigger.

It will be available soon.

Thanks for boosting! ❤️

Which kind of app releases do you prefer?

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