Working on improving the context menu actions in @TelevisionTime. I haven't changed these much since they were the "Peak & pop" menus for 3D-touch iPhones. Even though the interaction is the same, the context feels different for how these menus are used, or maybe I was always using them wrong before 😅

Track the movies you've watched, and discover your next favorite with Cinema Time. Cinema Time is the best way to track movies for iOS. Cinema Time is tightly integrated with iOS and supports homescreen widgets, rich notifications, theme that changes with the system, and more.

You can also create and manage lists, and catalogue your physical media library. Cinema Time also syncs with

Download now at

Working on an update for Cinema Time adding support for lockscreen widgets, updating the app for iOS 16, and going to be adding support for viewing history per movie, and some other requested features. If you would like to test the app, here is a Testflight link 🍿

Coming in the next update is the ability to toggle certain elements from the grid style layout. In the future I plan to make this even more customizable across the app.

The Mac app and iPad update are almost done. I'm updating the screenshots for the App Store now, and need to make some updates to the website.

New beta has been sent out improving navigation on the Mac and iPad, adding search to Mac, and a number of fixes.

TestFlight link for iOS and Mac

There are a lot of features and interactions I want to improve still, but the app being usable on Mac and iPad is getting pretty close. Perhaps I’ll be able to submit to Apple next week.

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New TestFlight build being sent out that adds a sync indicator in the sidebar on iPad / Mac, presents series information automatically when tapping on a show, and a number of other improvements / fixes.

Sent out new betas for the iOS and Mac app. I would love some more testers and feedback for the Mac app, and hope to launch or submit to Apple later this month.

Sending out a new beta for Mac and iOS today. The iPhone app should work just as before, but the iPad app will have a new 3-pane layout and makes great use of the screen space.

Television Time 1.11.1 has been submitted fixing the calculation of some stats, exporting watched history for the past year, "No Seasons" message appearing behind episodes, and a data migration error that a few users have seen.

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