Albums is a new music player coming soon to the App Store on iOS! Its a simple and elegant way to listen to your Apple Music library with a focus on complete albums. I’m excited to post updates on this account about the roadmap and development progress.

For an overview of what to expect from the app, check out the product page:

@albums As a dedicated album listener, I applaud your efforts. As an #android user, I say to #youtubemusic devs and Android devs in general, "I need an album-focused player. Either baked into YouTube Music or standalone. TAKE MY MONEY!" 😀

@mkizer bummer there isn’t an equivalent on Android for you! it’s really frustrating that album-based listening is taking a backseat in today’s apps.

@albums Totally agree. Good albums are more than just a collection of singles. They can sometimes be a complete theme or concept, that the artist took extra care to craft into a cohesive package (like a film).

@esamecar yeah, @albumstheapp is a great (and very full-featured) option! @longplay is another take on albums-focused listening that i enjoy. i’m excited to join such great apps in this area serving music lovers 🙂

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