Albums is officially launching tomorrow! But for those of you here already, it’s available on the App Store right now!

I’m super excited for this milestone but I’m even more excited for the road ahead. Thanks for joining me! 🎵

@albums Just bought it. Question about the description on the app page in App Store - it says uncompromising audio quality. What do you mean by that? If I start the play of an album thru Albums app is it a different quality than what the album says (Lossless, Dolby Atmos, etc) if you were to open same album in the Apple Music app?

@jasonrak thank you! great question, that could definitely be more clear: it uses the same quality as your Apple Music collection, I was trying to explain that it wasn’t any worse quality as a third party player.

@albums Yes I figured so. Figured I’d clarify for myself if nothing else.
Few thoughts:
Is it possible to put a search bar on the All Albums screen? I do like scrolling and seeing all these album covers, but sometimes to just want to search to find one maybe you’re having trouble visualizing during scrolling.
When a song is playing there is a now playing bar at bottom. But tapping it or swiping up doesn’t bring up anything. Is it possible to make that into a full screen something? Liner notes in there maybe?
Have some other thoughts but I’m going to play around with it more next few days.
Thanks it’s a nice idea and app 😁

@jasonrak great thoughts, I’m on the same page! The full screen now playing experience is coming soon, I decided to cut it from 1.0 to focus on the other areas of the app. Also yes to search, I’ll be adding search and filters to make it easier to find exactly which album you’re looking for. Keep the thoughts coming, love it!

@albums Yeah for sure. Keep the updates coming! Lol. Last thought for now: folders in favorites screen. Putting favorite albums in folders like Rock or Rap or Country. Or instead of a folder could be a tag. Tag each album you favorite if you’d like. Then you can pull all albums up under specific tag in a drop down menu. Something like that 👍

@jasonrak are you reading my mind? i have a lot of thoughts about “collections” of albums – favorites are only the beginning 😉

@albums I have magical, mystical powers 🪄
😂 Well like was mentioning I’ve thought about an app like this and what I’d like it to do for me for a while. Apple Music, while not as confusing a mess UI and app in my eyes like Spotify, I like to keep albums from certain artists easier to get to, have them in AM folders, etc. it’s just that AM really isn’t great if you like to listen to albums straight thru and have easy access to them. So it’s really like you were reading my mind. Hence reason I have thoughts in my head about it. But you’re off to a nice start just getting something out that that achieves this basic objective. The few sort of apps in App Store that kinda do this really aren’t fully baked in my opinion. Hope you do well with it!

@albums Congratulations to the release! Looks nice, scrolls smoothly even my large list 🥰 Of course, I already have a feature request: Ability to hide an album 😇

@esamecar thank you! that’s a great feature request and one i didn’t yet have on my list [yet]. keep them coming!


Insta-bought! 🥰

Thank you for multi-level sorting! Every music app should let you see albums in this order.

P.S. Check me out too! 👋

@albums I have some tracks with no album tag (unreleased tracks or live, mostly), and although I see the request to manually hide an album has occurred, is there any plan to hide all tracks without an associated album? Right now, they show as 'Unknown' with a system background (black or white) image.

@dpassen definitely planning on multiple improvements to library management and a complete filter system (instead of arbitrary preferences – like the existing options to hide singles and incomplete albums). hopefully that will give full control of what shows up to each person instead of me deciding which things to hide/filter automatically.

however, i may take a look at how to more appropriately group things that are missing key metadata like artist or album.

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