@dpassen thanks Derek! Really appreciate your support and your review!

Version 1.2 is rolling out to the App Store right now!

The headlining feature is the quick and powerful search available from the dock. Tap on the magnifying glass and type a few characters to narrow down the list of displayed albums.

Other cool things:
• Release dates are more reliable
• Better support for albums that are missing artwork
• Improved iPad support, including some keyboard shortcuts

A rating or review is greatly appreciated! Listen on! ❤️🎸🎧

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if you're curious about the backstory behind my app @albums, i finally wrote down an overdue announcement post on my personal site. i dive into why music is so important to me, my guiding principles for developing the app, and more.

if anyone takes the time to read it, i'd love to know what you think! josephmclaughl.in/posts/albums

If you’re anything like me, you have a sizable library of albums that you’ve collected over the years and sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. If so, this upcoming feature may be for you!

Quickly filter your library by genre, release date, or part of the artist or album name.

@Kuperus thanks for checking it out! let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

Version 1.1 was approved by Apple and is rolling out to the store!

What's new:

• A gorgeous new now playing screen! Be immersed in the album with a dynamically themed now playing screen that focuses on the album.
• We're coming to the big screen(s)! iPad support is here – If you like seeing a bunch of your album artwork at once, or just prefer listening to albums on your iPad, this is the update you've been waiting for.
• A healthy dose of improvements to let you focus on the music!

Planned for version 1.2:

• Working around some data inconsistency issues from Apple's APIs (some albums in your library not showing up, release dates missing, etc.)
• Adding searching within your library to find exactly what you're looking for
• Some additional customization options

I sincerely hope you're enjoying the app so far, I'm really loving the feedback! If you have a chance, an app rating or review helps the App Store search algorithm surface the app to people.

Listen on! ❤️🎧

Version 1.1 has been submitted to Apple for review!

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Reminder: its Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp forgoes its cut today and all the money you spend on music goes to the artist/label you buy from. Be a good consumer and consume!


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kudos to anyone and everyone who shares work in progress in any public forum. every time i do it i’m scared for any number of reasons (will people like it? is it wrong? will i hate/change it two minutes after i post it?)

it’s scary being a perfectionist on the internet.

anyway, i've been working on a now playing screen for my app @albums so that the screen reflects the album artwork, but all the text and controls are still readable with high enough contrast. here are a couple examples (wip):

i'm glad there isn't last.fm scrobbling support in the app (yet) because my scrobble activity would be all over the place lately while working on the now playing screen. (work in progress teaser)

@dpassen definitely planning on multiple improvements to library management and a complete filter system (instead of arbitrary preferences – like the existing options to hide singles and incomplete albums). hopefully that will give full control of what shows up to each person instead of me deciding which things to hide/filter automatically.

however, i may take a look at how to more appropriately group things that are missing key metadata like artist or album.

I’m opening up a few spots on TestFlight if folks would like to try out the app and help test the upcoming versions! The current 1.1 beta build includes iPad support and better scrolling performance. More coming soon! testflight.apple.com/join/MUMu

A big thank you to “canyonsus” for being the first reviewer of Albums! I love the comparison to on-rotation records sitting by the record player! 🥰

@jasonrak are you reading my mind? i have a lot of thoughts about “collections” of albums – favorites are only the beginning 😉

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i’m excited to announce my new app @albums is available on the app store today for $2.99!

i’ve been tweaking and tuning the core premise for over three years and over the last few months i’ve put in the work to get it to v1.0. there are plenty of features missing, but this is a great starting point for the future development.

if you listen to complete albums via Apple Music/iTunes, i’d be honored if you’d check it out and let me know what you think! apple.co/3XmlZlf

@esamecar thank you! that’s a great feature request and one i didn’t yet have on my list [yet]. keep them coming!

@jasonrak great thoughts, I’m on the same page! The full screen now playing experience is coming soon, I decided to cut it from 1.0 to focus on the other areas of the app. Also yes to search, I’ll be adding search and filters to make it easier to find exactly which album you’re looking for. Keep the thoughts coming, love it!

@jasonrak thank you! great question, that could definitely be more clear: it uses the same quality as your Apple Music collection, I was trying to explain that it wasn’t any worse quality as a third party player.

Albums is officially launching tomorrow! But for those of you here already, it’s available on the App Store right now!

I’m super excited for this milestone but I’m even more excited for the road ahead. Thanks for joining me! 🎵


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