A wild Music App Stuff appears! Here's the lowdown on how I spent my summer, what's new in Albums 5.3, and an update on the Mac app:


I'm really proud of this update, especially the new Shortcuts support. I'm grateful to the engineers at Apple who worked on the new frameworks, and to the hundreds of beta testers whose feedback went into making this update what it is.

#iosdev #ios17 #appintents #shortcuts #widgets #indiedev

If I were competent at marketing this app I would probably have nice screenshots of all the new widgets and stuff in Albums 5.3 (out now!). But I'm not and I don't!

I'm pretty stoked on the new Shortcut action to export a backup of the Albums database so, uh, here's a screenshot of that. This Shortcut is available in the in-app Shortcuts Gallery

If you've ever wished for a music player complicated enough to merit a Shortcut to back up its database, Albums is the app for you!

Hey look, it's Albums 5.3! Look for a new Music App Stuff next week digging into everything, but for now, enjoy the new widgets.

I'm expecting y'all Mastodon nerds to make all sorts of dope automations with the new Shortcuts actions. Make sure you head to Settings -> Siri & Automation in-app and check out the Shortcuts Gallery for some prebuilt ones.

Full change log available here on the Albums subreddit: reddit.com/r/albumstheapp/comm

The Albums Mastodon account cordially requests your presence at the below TestFlight link so we can all get 5.3 polished up nice and good before it comes out in a couple of weeks.


Here’s a nice lil update to hold y’all over until I’m ready with the interactive widgets beta

Okay, das Jacob Banks Album darf bleiben. Danke „Today in History“-Feature von @albumstheapp
Jede Musiksammlung braucht so ein Serendipity-Feature zur Wiederentdeckung von Alben und Künstler*innen.

Albums 5.2.2 is out now! The Release Feed is now enabled for users without Apple Music subscriptions, and a whole lot of bugs got fixed.

@snazzyq My #1 Music Player on iOS is @albumstheapp If you’re into Music this is the one. On the front it says Album focused player, but it’s so much more
- full LastFM-Integration (it imports your entire listening history)
- best music stats
- tagging
- Today in History (a daily collection of your albums that were released on this day)
- Browse by Year, Decades, Tags, Record Label
- Release Feed (has almost replaced MusicBox for me)


Hello! There's a new version of Albums out today and it's got a boatload of bug fixes and the ability to play select tracks from an album

Okay have a nice night 🎧

Is anyone out there seeing a bug where the CarPlay app times out on launch? I think I've got a fix for it and would love for someone having the issue to confirm!

Albums 5.1.4 is rolling out to users now!

This is a great update for users that prefer the pre-5.1.3 functionality where the app _didn't_ crash when opening some albums 😅

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Albums 5.1.3 is rolling out to users over the next week. If you want to get it now, you can download it from the App Store.

This one includes some minor features and changes and a whole heap of bug fixes!

Uh yeah, I guess you could say Albums is powered by AI………… Artist’s Intent!!!!!

It took until version five point one point two but you can finally view full album titles! That plus other quality of life improvements and bug fixes in Albums 5.1.2, out now! !! !!! !!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even after two attempts at explaining this feature to my wife she still cannot explain why I spent any time at all on it, but I'm having a damn blast chopping up my library into different durations with the new overhauled Duration collections.

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This one's less photogenic, but there's a new option in Settings -> last.fm to automatically sync your likes between last.fm and Apple Music as your listen. Cool!

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I try not to be hubristic but when the Nobel Prize committee meets later this year I would not be surprised if they nominate Albums for a Peace Price for this feature alone -- easy switching between multiple versions of an album

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Share your top albums from any Listening Report! Customize a grid from 4x4 to 10x10, then choose to include artist and album names, and/or play counts.

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