Hello 👋 - this is a brief to Apps On The Move on Mastodon! I've been on Mastodon for a short while at @mken - time now to move over my indie apps.

The main indie app I'm focused on is , a task manager that works with plain text files. You can store and sync the files from iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV - and they use an Org mode compatible syntax for use with Emacs.

I've got a few other apps as well - was first released in 2008, back when the was new.

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@appsonthemove @mken

Just tagging on to say that #beorg is a fucking /great/ app for mobile management of your org mode stuff. I love it. I moved away from iOS, mostly, and the only things I miss are:
- iMessage
- Beorg

Glad to see you over here!

@hoyden @mken thanks! There are now a few apps on iOS which work with Org mode files. I've enjoyed Orgzly when I've used Android in the past. Any others on Android worth checking out?

@appsonthemove @mken Orgzly is what I've settled on, its pretty good (though I still miss Beorg!!)

I've tested Mobile Org (and tried Syncorg, which may now be defunct?) and found them missing key features to me, so didn't spend much time with them.

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