This morning's random work, suggested by, is Mozart's String Quartet no.19 in C major K.465. I've opted for a recording by the Belcea Quartet.

beorg provides users several ways to support continued development - annual/monthly subscriptions, tips and purchasing extensions (for those who don’t like subscriptions for apps.)

Based on the trends reports in App Store Connect, here is a list of extensions ordered by sales:

- Templates
- Saved Searches
- Timers
- Properties
- Encryption
- Export themes
- UI themes
- Notification sounds
- Box sync

If you haven’t checked out the notification sounds IMHO they are pretty fun… 😉

I’ve just submitted an update to Go Calc, an app I first released in 2008 when the App Store was an infant. I probably would have discontinued this years ago if I were a more astute business person. However, it still brings in some revenue and is very stable with a minimal support burden.

Q2: Can I customize my workflow?
A: Yes! Setup custom todo and done states

Unlike some task managers who only really understand todo and done, beorg allows you to set up your own states.

I've fired up this morning for some serendipitous listening 🎧.

1. Tap the shuffle button.
2. Choose from one of four suggested works of .
3. Pick a recording.
4. Start playback!

Classical works with to give you an interface into works from hundreds of classical composers, from Adams to Webern.

beorg 3.20.0 has just been released.

A new button on the agenda bottom bar to select saved searches. In my example, I've got saved searches to:

- Items from my .org files - with no reminders or calendar
- Just reminders and calendar
- What I've completed each day

Agenda saved searches are separate from those on the Tasks tab. The last selected search is also remembered when you restart beorg.

(You'll need the saved searches extension to use this new feature)

Q1: Why use beorg as my task manager
A: Your tasks are kept in plain text files

This is great because you can open plain text files easily without specialist software. You'll be able to look at them in 5, 10, and 20+ years even if you no longer have the app you created them in!

I'm using my app Classical for Schumann’s Violin Sonata no. 1. The app allows you to search/browse for a work, select a recording and play just the work you want to listen to rather than the whole album.

Did you know you can attach a location to a task/item in ?

1. Tap the 'more' button at the bottom of the item editor
2. Choose 'Assign current location'

To view a map showing the location tap the property editor button, and then the arrow next to the location longitude/latitude.

On the desktop in the location will be available in in the item property drawer.

Add actions to the 'more' button menu in your Scheme for other properties you frequently use.

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