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I've created a saved search and template to track online purchases. The template adds new purchases to using a year/month hierarchy and an IN-PROGRESS state. The saved search then shows all the purchases I'm waiting on, and I can set them to DONE once received. I can check the file directly to check I've not been buying things unnecessarily.

Did you know you can attach a location to a task/item in ?

1. Tap the 'more' button at the bottom of the item editor
2. Choose 'Assign current location'

To view a map showing the location tap the property editor button, and then the arrow next to the location longitude/latitude.

On the desktop in the location will be available in in the item property drawer.

Add actions to the 'more' button menu in your Scheme for other properties you frequently use.

Hello 👋 - this is a brief to Apps On The Move on Mastodon! I've been on Mastodon for a short while at @mken - time now to move over my indie apps.

The main indie app I'm focused on is , a task manager that works with plain text files. You can store and sync the files from iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV - and they use an Org mode compatible syntax for use with Emacs.

I've got a few other apps as well - was first released in 2008, back when the was new.

Indie Apps is dedicated to hosting accounts for mobile and desktop applications developed by small, independent developers and development teams (no personal accounts, please).