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The beta is live! 🥳 it’s so exciting to share this with all of you. The first beta has 1,000 slots open. I hope you enjoy the app. And if you have any ideas or bugs to report send them to Also if you have used the app share a screenshot and tag the account!

Build 10 is out now ☺️

This one brings:

- Moving links to different folders
- Home Screen quick actions
- Refined link image animations and more

If you have any feedback let me know! Thank you for using the app. If you enjoy it send us a screenshot 📲


What features would you like to see in Bridges before the 1.0 ships 🚢 🌁 let me know 😁

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After working with the share sheet it was easier to get this working. Sending links to different folders has been requested and it’ll be in the next @bridges update ☺️

Build 9 is out ☺️. It’s a small change but I refined the loading animations for link images, changed some navigation behind the scenes, and more. If you haven’t joined the beta yet and want to there’s plenty of slots open 👍


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It should be more discoverable to edit a folder or delete one. But I can either have this be more top level or in a context menu. I’m leaning towards the context menu. What do you think ?

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Okay I didn’t expect this and am overwhelmed… super late to listen but a huge thank you for @viticci for the kind words about @bridges 😇

The new update finally includes the share sheet support 📤 😊. Sorry it took so long to get it out but I hope it’s worth the wait.

Join the TestFlight:

The share sheet is coming in the next update of the app. But to implement the feature it makes changes to the CoreData model causing it to delete past data… so I’m trying to figure out how to migrate it to prevent data loss

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So pumped 😁 got the share extension working. Should be pushing this out this week for @bridges. You pick the folder you want and add it. It’ll default to the junk drawer but the feature I wanted and needed for beta 1 is on its way! Sorry it’s so compressed 😅

#buildinpublic #SwiftUI

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Started successfully saving links to @bridges with the share sheet 😁 can’t wait to sent this update out. It’ll still be a few days a few bugs to work out but progress 💪. I’d include a video but mastodon doesn’t work well with iPhone native screen recording 😅.

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Starting to work on the share sheet extension for @bridges. I’m basically learning as I go. There seems to be very little tutorials or information. But I’m on the path I want it custom and to probably mirror how the add link screen in the app looks. Feels weird to do UIKit code and layout things programmatically 😅. The rest of the app is SwiftUI.


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Build 6 for @bridges is out 🙂 this focuses on getting the links in a folder to have a proper layout. No more waisted space if a link doesn’t have a favicon or image. The next update will have the share sheet extension thank you for being patient it’s something that’s top priority for the app.

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Okay I think I got it now 😅 a huge thank you to @natpanferova for her excellent article on UIViewRepresentable. I should really buy her book. Now I can control much easier the size of my UIImageViews and make them appear or not in a List at the sizes I want. I just add the view to my list and adjust the size in the UIViewRepresentable.

Build 5 is out! It’s a small one but adds image caching.

Just pushed a new build you should see these changes ☺️

- Changed the default hyperlink paste font so it works better with Apple Mail.

- Updated the add link screen to show a different preview at the bottom.

- Added a context menu to links inside a folder so you can copy formats easier

A share sheet extension is coming don’t worry!

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The next update for @bridges makes it easier to copy formats with more context menus.

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@bridges just started playing around and testing features. Reminds me Yonik

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