Add new music that you listen to but you just don’t know the details of yet, instantaneously to your charts by the new ShazamKit integration. Available now as an update from the App Store.

Just submitted a new version of my app for review to Apple. The app now supports ShazamKit so you can easily discover songs playing around you and then quickly add them to one or more collections.
Most likely, WWDC will impact a speedy app review. We’ll see.

Just launched an update to my app Chart Your Music. It now includes integration with Genius. so you can find all kind of details about the entries in your chart. Like the album related to a song, including cover-flow representation. Details about the artist, producers, writers, links to videos, social media accounts, and more and more…

You want to know who plays bagpipes on Caroline Polacheck's Blood and Butter? We got you covered…

Working on adding ‘liner notes’. Based on the Genius API you will be able to learn so much more about the songs, tracks, albums you chart in Chart Your Music.

@b3ll @matthewskiles Oh… and that song behind the video lead me straight to one of my favourite album series: “Back to Mine”…. ♥︎

@_Davidsmith @b3ll @goeldner Exactly this. I always try to display at least some random album artwork in the widgets you initially create and then offer the user options to further specify it by editing the widget.

@b3ll @matthewskiles As a music app developer myself, I really like you app! Great animations and attention to detail.

Introducing Albums: Music Shortcuts

Albums is an app that allows you to create and stylize shortcuts to your favourite albums on your Home Screen.

Promo Video:

App Store (it’s free!):

App icon (meticulously designed 😍) by @matthewskiles

With Chart Your Music, you can keep track of the music you love… over time…
See the website for more info.

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