#Ivory’s release is amazing news for Mastodon and the fediverse, but there is no shortage of great apps out there or in the making, such as:

- Woolly by @mttvll, the creator of Fenix

- Mammoth by @JPEGuin, the creator of Aviary

- Mastoot by @libei

- Ice Cubes by @dimillian

and many more...

It’s the indie social renaissance! 🙌🏻

Discovered a bug 😬with reloading manually edited duty times in PilotCalc, when the app is restarted. The bug is fixed and will be included in the upcoming 2.1.3 release.

I think @icecubesapp is coming along nicely, I will start using it as my main Mastodon app for a while and see how it feels

Right now I just miss the lack of Light/Dark Mode sync (yes, some people don’t spend their entire day in Dark Mode, we exist), and it looks like we cannot upload videos yet (I was going to share a video of ChatGPT’s “Emphasize text” feature which is… intense 😂)

Yes I do use myself for the day job, two short UK sectors flown last night, taking 41 and 46 minutes respectively.

Remember, if @ivory don't have TestFlight slots you can join @icecubesapp public TestFlight beta instead. Because it's far less popular because redacted redacted redacted reasons, there is a lot of spots (8500 actually) left: Edit: Removed TestFlight link, it's now available on the App Store! apps.apple.com/us/app/ice-cube

Don't hesitate to boost this message. You can also quote boost it if you have Ice Cubes installed ;)

With Twitter still blocking third party clients, I am considering making this account my primary means of communicating information about and . Just the small matter of persuading my Twitter followers to make the switch. 🤔

Hi everyone 👋 I’m @manuel and I’m currently building zenitizer.app, a modern and minimal meditation timer + tracker for and 🧘

I'm very close to launching a beta on , so if you enjoy and and are an user, please let me know if you'd like to join (and follow this account for updates ☺️)

🔁 I would really appreciate any boosts, to help reaching folks who might like to join the 🙏❤️

The Cold Arid Code website is now up and running on a new host and emails are working again. 🎉

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