🚀 New release 🚀

Dark Noise 3.1 is out today with some highly requested features after the big 3.0 launch earlier this month.

* Brand new Green Noise sound
* New “Classics” section with some original, non-remastered sounds
* Classic flat alternate icons in purple, black, and white

@darknoise @charliemchapman For old school Dark Noise users, starting here, do we no longer get new/added features if we haven't subscribed?

@jaytorres @darknoise Nope, everything in this update (and my current planned updates) will come to Dark Originals as well!

There's definitely the possibility I’ll add features in the future that do require a Pro subscription though, but as of now I don't have any plans for that.

@darknoise Nice! I can't find a way to pause it through Shortcuts. Is that possible?

@tek Yep! You can either use Apple’s built in “Play/Pause" shortcut or you can use the Dark Noise specific “Play Pause Noise" shortcut (despite the confusing name, this will always pause sounds)

@darknoise Oh, interesting! The “Play Pause Noise" action is only visible in iOS’s Shortcuts app, and not on my Mac (M1, 13.3.1). If I create a shortcut on my phone, though, it works on my Mac too. I just can't add the action from my Mac.

@darknoise Great update! Love the app and know that devs need to earn a living, but I’m surprised to see such an expensive sub price for the pro version—19.99 USD/year feels like quite a bit. I’m not averse to subscribing to an app, but this one feels steep for some reason. Overcast and Castro (I know, podcast apps, but they seem in the same class as Dark Noise) are 9.99 and 8.99. At that price or thereabouts I’d be an instabuyer.

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