@tek Yep! You can either use Apple’s built in “Play/Pause" shortcut or you can use the Dark Noise specific “Play Pause Noise" shortcut (despite the confusing name, this will always pause sounds)

🚀 New release 🚀

Dark Noise 3.1 is out today with some highly requested features after the big 3.0 launch earlier this month.

* Brand new Green Noise sound
* New “Classics” section with some original, non-remastered sounds
* Classic flat alternate icons in purple, black, and white


@Aday Thanks! I'll dig into this and see if I can figure out what's going on. It's possible this is just iCloud being finicky though, in which case they should show back up within an hour.

@Aday oh no! So the mixes are there with the name and icon correct, but when you open them there are no sounds inside of them?

Could you try pulling to refresh on the main noise selection view and then go to Settings -> Contact -> Email and sending me an email with the log file that it automatically attaches?

Dark Noise 3.0 is available now on the App Store!

The app is now free to use with an optional upgrade for more sounds and features. You can find all the details here 👇


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