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Made some progress on #Draftodon
Using @drafts to schedule posts on @Mastodon with options to update the scheduled posts 👍🏼

Also built some actions to publish polls and worked on the documentation 👌🏼

What else do you need as Actions for Drafts?

RFC: Markdown Parsers. If you have advanced Markdown output needs, please comment on what you might like to see in the next update. Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/rfc-mar

TIP: Want to write email in Markdown, and send as rich-text HTML mail? This option is built-in to Drafts on iOS, but can also be done on the Mac by installing our Mail Assistant utility app.

Mail Assistant can also be used to send HTML email via URL schemes or Shortcuts from app other than Drafts.

Details: docs.getdrafts.com/misc/mail-a

...The new template helper in Drafts 36 makes it a lot easy to build most common template tags when constructing action steps, including common examples of advanced tags, like formatted dates/times.

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Mastodon Actions for Drafts
Creating some @drafts Actions for @Mastodon is really fun 🤩
Do you have ideas / requests for Drafts Actions robuste with Mastodon? Or did you create useful Actions for Mastodon besides the ones already in the directory at directory.getdrafts.com/search

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Lately, I have been preparing my texts in @drafts and then publishing or sending them in any way. It's a pity that it didn't work out this way to answer toots in #Mastodon. I wrote another small action that allows you to respond to toots. Just save the link to the toot in the first line of the #draft (title) and write the answer in its body.


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I was looking for how to indent list items in @drafts and found out there was a super easy way to do it using an action (of course). Just need to change the outdent and indent actions in the Editing group from cmd+[ and cmd+] to tab and shift tab. youtube.com/watch?v=p7FAZeZ-6f

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Building a Shortcut for Readwise:

I used Readwise Reader to highlight some parts of @eleanorkonik‘s Obsidian Roundup.
The shortcut I‘m developing now pulls the highlights of the latest element in the Readwise library and formats them into a draft in @drafts 👌🏼

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For @MonaApp users who also use @drafts, here is a Drafts action to send the current draft to Mona’s compose window: directory.getdrafts.com/a/2GA

Using @ivory as a Mastodon client app? Here’s a handy Drafts action to send to Ivory’s compose window: directory.getdrafts.com/a/2Fv

TIP: Using Drafts as a Text Snippet Library

Whether it’s canned responses you use in email or fun emoticons for social media, Drafts can be a great place to maintain and access text snippets. Learn how: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-usi

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You can now export recipes from ClipDish as Markdown to @drafts

This is really cool if you're using Drafts to manage your shopping list.


TIP: Organize Action Groups with Separators.

Great for creating visual space in larger action groups!

Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-org

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I've switched over from Pinboard to keeping all my web bookmarks in Drafts (go figure 😁).

I didn't want to lose my history, so I wrote an action to import my pin history from a Pinboard backup file. Possibly useful, at least as a starting point, for others...

Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-imp

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Sometimes you have more to say than you can fit in a single post, and you want to post a thread to Mastodon.

Drafts can help. (1/5) 🧵

TIP: Use a bookmarklet with Drafts Web Capture to quickly bookmark web pages in Drafts.

Details: docs.getdrafts.com/docs/extens

Demo: youtu.be/eoM8MhqApCc

Check your updates. Drafts 35.0.2 is out addressing a few issues in the 35.0 release.

TIP: Working with Lines and Blocks. Arrange mode is great, but sometimes you want to move lines up/down quickly, indent-outdent, etc. Here are some actions to help you manipulate lines with ease! forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-act

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