Drafts 36 is out! Action bar and iPad keyboard shortcuts bar improvements, template helper, improved launch times! Details:

...The new template helper in Drafts 36 makes it a lot easy to build most common template tags when constructing action steps, including common examples of advanced tags, like formatted dates/times.

@drafts @JonathanMosen Thank you for boosting this and bringing these updates to my attention! I'm particularly interested to see if this new compact action bar makes multi-tasking more viable using #VoiceOver . In my experience, the less cluttered an app is, the less likely VO focus will break

@drafts @JonathanMosen I just fired this app up after a long, long, time. I didn't realize that there were controls to move the cursor back and forth by word. it even works wonderful with Voiceover. I really wish i had another mac so i could do some testing between both platforms.

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