TIP: Want to write email in Markdown, and send as rich-text HTML mail? This option is built-in to Drafts on iOS, but can also be done on the Mac by installing our Mail Assistant utility app.

Mail Assistant can also be used to send HTML email via URL schemes or Shortcuts from app other than Drafts.

Details: docs.getdrafts.com/misc/mail-a

...The new template helper in Drafts 36 makes it a lot easy to build most common template tags when constructing action steps, including common examples of advanced tags, like formatted dates/times.

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TIP: Using Drafts as a Text Snippet Library

Whether it’s canned responses you use in email or fun emoticons for social media, Drafts can be a great place to maintain and access text snippets. Learn how: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-usi

TIP: Working with Task-Shopping Lists in Drafts. Handy examples and actions to make your life easier when checking off a list at the store, etc. Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-wor

Drafts 35 is out! 1000s of new icon options via SF Symbols, Mastodon integration, better date localization options!

Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/drafts-

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