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Mastodon Actions for Drafts
Creating some @drafts Actions for @Mastodon is really fun 🤩
Do you have ideas / requests for Drafts Actions robuste with Mastodon? Or did you create useful Actions for Mastodon besides the ones already in the directory at directory.getdrafts.com/search

@msemochkin Maybe worth noting that if you "Share” a toot from most clients to Drafts share extension, it just sends the URL to the toot. You can then hit "Open” to jump to that in Drafts and start a reply with the URL filled in the first line.

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Lately, I have been preparing my texts in @drafts and then publishing or sending them in any way. It's a pity that it didn't work out this way to answer toots in #Mastodon. I wrote another small action that allows you to respond to toots. Just save the link to the toot in the first line of the #draft (title) and write the answer in its body.


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I was looking for how to indent list items in @drafts and found out there was a super easy way to do it using an action (of course). Just need to change the outdent and indent actions in the Editing group from cmd+[ and cmd+] to tab and shift tab. youtube.com/watch?v=p7FAZeZ-6f

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Building a Shortcut for Readwise:

I used Readwise Reader to highlight some parts of @eleanorkonik‘s Obsidian Roundup.
The shortcut I‘m developing now pulls the highlights of the latest element in the Readwise library and formats them into a draft in @drafts 👌🏼

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For @MonaApp users who also use @drafts, here is a Drafts action to send the current draft to Mona’s compose window: directory.getdrafts.com/a/2GA

Using @ivory as a Mastodon client app? Here’s a handy Drafts action to send to Ivory’s compose window: directory.getdrafts.com/a/2Fv

@jmartindf Please open a ticket (support@getdrafts.com), and include the whole action as configured (You can export it as a file). Hard to troubleshoot a snippet.

@FlohGro Good to know. There seems to be a little caching in the API, that varies between Mastodon instances, before a newly created ID is available.

@jmartindf Working here...perhaps something going on with timing depending on how/where you running the action. Generally, I would only recommend calling `update` once after you make any/all changes you want to make.

TIP: Using Drafts as a Text Snippet Library

Whether it’s canned responses you use in email or fun emoticons for social media, Drafts can be a great place to maintain and access text snippets. Learn how: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-usi

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You can now export recipes from ClipDish as Markdown to @drafts

This is really cool if you're using Drafts to manage your shopping list.


@pborenstein You could also enable "Confirm before running" on those type of actions.

TIP: Organize Action Groups with Separators.

Great for creating visual space in larger action groups!

Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-org

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I've switched over from Pinboard to keeping all my web bookmarks in Drafts (go figure 😁).

I didn't want to lose my history, so I wrote an action to import my pin history from a Pinboard backup file. Possibly useful, at least as a starting point, for others...

Details: forums.getdrafts.com/t/tip-imp

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Sometimes you have more to say than you can fit in a single post, and you want to post a thread to Mastodon.

Drafts can help. (1/5) 🧵

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