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We're doing final beta testing of a new “Mail Drop" feature that allows you to send email to Drafts. If that's something you might find useful and would like to help testing, signup for the beta!

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I never blog anymore.

In 2022, it was for personal reasons, but recently I felt publishing to my Jekyll blog involved too many steps, and that was a good enough excuse to only write here.

Inspired by a conversation with @lucas and by the impressive, but unwilling to sink many hours to completely rework my blog, I've found an interesting solution thanks to gitwatch and a couple custom @drafts actions.

📝Reducing friction to hopefully blog more

TIP: We updated our popular "New Draft with Template" workflow with support for `<|field>` style fill-in placeholders, with example actions for navigating to next/previous placeholders in a draft to complete values. It's pretty slick. If you haven’t set templates in Drafts, check it out!

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Fellow Internet users, I think I may have a #Drafts problem. I currently have well over 1,200 actions across 60 action groups. Do I need an intervention?

How many do you have?

... you can find out with the action 'TAD-Display Draft Counts' from the ThoughtAsylum Power User Action group -

Drafts: @drafts

TIP: Want to use ChatGPT in Drafts? No problem. Our community has put together some clever actions that integrate the API to get you started…

From reorx on the forums:

Or, @pborenstein’s GPT Toy in the directory:

We love the Drafts community!

TIP: Use Day One for journaling? Learn the different ways Drafts can create entries in Day One, and get ready-to-use actions, in our integration guide!

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Inspired by @drdrang’s AppleScript for BBEdit, I made a similar Markdown Footnote action for @drafts.

TIP: On the Mac, use "Workspaces" menu to apply a workspace, sure, obvious enough...but did you know you can hold down the "Option" key when doing it to open the workspace in a new window?

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Wrote a short blogpost about #Draftodon where I share why I started developing it in the first place and briefly introduce the @drafts Action Group on my blog. I also mentioned a few things that will come in the next update(s) - if you're interested:


Let me know if you have other requests than the things I mentioned 🗣️

Use Apple's Reminders? We've updated our Reminders integration guide. Learn how to use Drafts' powerful Reminders actions to create/add to reminder lists, import into Drafts from Reminders, and more!

We’ve also added a “Remind Me Later" example Shortcuts workflow to use Reminders to notify you later of a draft you need to process.


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Draftodon v1.1 is released 🎉

I released a new version of #Draftodon - an Action Group for @drafts to integrate with @Mastodon

🐛 showCharacterLimit issue fixed (the limit indicator was added multiple times)
🆕 visibility added as optional parameter for publishing functions (defaults to "public")

How to Update ⬇️ [1/4]

TIP: There's an easy way to create a Drafts action that passes text to Shortcuts…using a shortcut! Get the “Add Shortcut to Drafts" shortcut. Details:

TIP: Drafts Pro subscriber? Anyone in your Apple family group can also unlock your pro features through Family Sharing. Learn more:

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Launching Draftodon - a @drafts Action Group for Mastodon 🚀
Finally finished the first version for #Draftodon - now you can easily integrate Drafts with #Mastodon

The Action Group should be really easy to use and allows you to post or schedule different types of statuses to Mastodon. It includes some helpers for composing posts and also tools to view or edit scheduled posts.

You can download the Action Group from the Drafts Directory:

🚀🚀🚀 [1/4]

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Made some progress on #Draftodon
Using @drafts to schedule posts on @Mastodon with options to update the scheduled posts 👍🏼

Also built some actions to publish polls and worked on the documentation 👌🏼

What else do you need as Actions for Drafts?

RFC: Markdown Parsers. If you have advanced Markdown output needs, please comment on what you might like to see in the next update. Details:

TIP: Want to write email in Markdown, and send as rich-text HTML mail? This option is built-in to Drafts on iOS, but can also be done on the Mac by installing our Mail Assistant utility app.

Mail Assistant can also be used to send HTML email via URL schemes or Shortcuts from app other than Drafts.


...The new template helper in Drafts 36 makes it a lot easy to build most common template tags when constructing action steps, including common examples of advanced tags, like formatted dates/times.

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