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every #travel day i walk back an elaborate #timeline of posts i need to hit to get in the air on time and today it looks like this:

(can't imagine a day without #DraftsApp @drafts !)

TIP: Using Drafts as a Text Snippet Library.

Step-by-step setup with actions, a workspace, and even a shortcut to manage and retrieve reusable text snippets. Great walkthrough to get familiar with a variety of Drafts features:

TIP: Have a draft you are referencing a lot in a particular time frame, like a travel note or grocery list? Did you know you can start a live activity for any (or even more than one) draft by tapping and holding the pin button? Details:

Great tips for using Drafts with Airtable in this week's Automators!

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📢 Releasing Draftodon v1.3 📢
A new update to #Draftodon my #Mastodon integration for @drafts is available

🆕 public urls are now appended to your published drafts 🔗
🆕 quote post action 💬
🤏 minor changes, documentation improvements and 🐛-fixes

details and how to update below ⬇️
(🚀 appreciated) [1/5]

TIP: Long press on tags in the filter list for commands to bulk rename or delete tags. Great for merging similar tags, or just cleaning up old unused tags. Learn more:

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a bugfix version of my @drafts extension for @raycast was published to the Raycast store.

Quicklinks for the Append/Prepend to Draft Command work as expected 👌🏼

check it out at or via the Raycast Store in the app 😍

TIP: Did you know searches in Drafts support advanced query options like:

"exact phrase” < require the full phrase match

-term < omit drafts with “term”

title:term < match only in the first line

red OR blue < match drafts with "red" or “blue”

/regex/ < use regular expressions

These work in quick search, or search above the draft list. Learn more:

TIP: Another fun ChatGPT action to apply text transformations to selected text. Great for applying a series of instructions, like “uppercase and insert a 🎉 emoji between each word”.

NEWS: If you use Drafts with Evernote, please read this update regarding transitioning to email-based actions:

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📲 A new addition to the Shortcut Archive.

I’ve created a shortcut which allows you to take a Markdown or TaskPaper document from @drafts and populate any checklist items into @things.

I have to say I’m quite pleased with this one, even if it’s quite niche! I can see lots of subtle use cases for anyone who integrates it into their workflows.

#Apple #automation #shortcuts

TIP: Did you know you can create Live Activities to pin drafts on your Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island? Great for keeping a draft handy while updating or referencing it. Learn more:

TIP: Prefer Tab/Shift-Tab, word-processor-style indentation? Just re-assign keyboard shortcuts on your indent/outdent actions. Details:

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a new update of my @raycast extension for @drafts is available in the Raycast store.
it now remembers tags you recently used in the Create Draft Command 👌🏼

update the extension and check it out 😊

if you have further requests please let me know 🙌🏽🚀

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TIP: Contextual menus in the draft list allow you to “Open to..." headings in your longer Markdown drafts to save some scrolling! Tap and hold on iOS, or right-click on Mac for options.

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🎉 Introducing Draftodon v1.2 🎉
I'm happy to announce an update to #Draftodon my #Mastodon Action Group for @drafts

What's new?

🤹🏼 multiple accounts support
↩️ reply to status action
🤏🏼 minor improvements for authentication issues

🚀 details below ⬇️ [1/5]

NEWS: Drafts' Twitter support ending…we guess? If you use Drafts to post to Twitter, read this update:

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