Do you usually leave the sound of your phone on or off? For 10 years, I kept my iPhone (and later my Apple Watch) mostly on silent mode. It all started during my first trip to Japan in 2012. It seemed like everyone there has their phone on silent. Talking on the phone while traveling on the shinkansen was also considered rude. I have kept this habit since. What about you?

@due I usually wear my Apple Watch and my iPhone is always on silent mode. In Japan, there are really few people chatting on trains and buses.

@due I have the sound on my iPhone always on, except when I’m doing something where I don’t want to be disturbed, like at a movie or during an important meeting. On the flip side, my Apple Watch is always on silent. Feeling the vibration on my wrist works well without having it make a sound to bring attention to it.

@due Sound is On, however, I simply disable the notification sounds for ALL apps except the 2 or 3 apps that I actually need/want to be notified of immediately 😊
Also, I've set a "silent.mp3" sound for the Phone ring tone (it is 100% silence.) Except for a few urgent contacts I've set a normal ringtone.

@due iPhone is always muted via the physical switch and I rely on my Apple Watch making a sound if Due or any iMessage or notification comes in. I'll put my watch on silent or theatre mode if I'm in a meeting and need complete silence

@pauls that’s pretty close to what I do except my watch is usually silent too. I’ll turn on the watch sound when I don’t want to miss something, since after a while I start to ignore the Haptic Touch on the watch.

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