I wasn’t expecting most of you to have your phone on silent most of the time. I’ve been working on selective critical alerts, and I think you’re going to find it really useful for the times when you can’t afford to miss a reminder!

From: @due

@due my biggest problem is: I leave my iPhone on my desk unlocked, and then won't receive notifications on my Watch 🥲

@Kdude ah that too. and you have your phone on silent? do you have a long auto lock time too?

@due mostly not on silent.
And yes I prefer having a very long lock time 😊
I simply don't hear the notification because of other noise or if I walk away for a minute...
I'd prefer getting *all* notifications on the Watch only.

@Kdude ah. In that case you’d have to file a feature request with Apple since this is a iOS/watchOS behavior.

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