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Hi there! 👋 I’m an ethical-source Mastodon app made by @ubunturox104 for iPhone and iPad. I aim to be simple, discussion-oriented, and humanely designed.

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to try me out on TestFlight at !

You can also view the source code at

If you're using a @matrix client, you can chat with me and others about #Fedigardens with the new room I launched!

The address is

For those in my Slack workspace, you don't need to do anything; it's already bridged automatically.

Loving the little sound effects in @IceCubesApp. Would anyone like to see this behavior in #Fedigardens as well?

Note that I would make this a setting, so it’d be user configurable as to whether sounds play.

A new build is out today in ! It includes some improvements to the attachments viewer and other general UX improvements.


Release Notes:

In future #Fedigardens builds, you'll notice that some language has changed. Notably:

- Instances have been renamed to "community servers", or "servers" if there isn't enough room.
- "Statuses" have been renamed to "discussions". Yes, this could also be "post" or "toot", but given the project's design goals, "discussion" makes the most sense here.

Hey folks, just a friendly reminder about sending feedback on #Fedigardens, whether it be through Raceway or TestFlight:

Please, please, please, don't write your feedback passively! I understand if you get frustrated by a particular feature or quirk, but getting aggressive in your feedback is neither productive nor helpful for me.

Going to be pushing out a small new build for #Fedigardens which adds in the changes I talked about before the the URL handling.

Hopefully, this can allow me to get to the root of the problem, and how it can be addressed.

I've been thinking about this more, and I think I've come up with a resolution.

While I'd really love to use #TootSDK, I just don't have the bandwidth necessary to make the API migration happen if the previous commits I've made were any indication.

For the time being, I'm going to keep using Alice and improving the authentication workflow there.

#Fedigardens #iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

1.6.0 is coming…. Soon. As soon as Apple decide it’s a fine app again!

Part of me is debating whether migrating to #TootSDK was a good idea, at least for #Fedigardens. I say this not due to technical limitations in the SDK (I think the team's done some incredible work), but so far this migration process hasn't been that smooth. In some cases, it's required complete rewrites of specific areas.

🧵 1/n

There’s some personal stuff I’m taking care of this weekend, so it is unlikely that there will be a new release of #Fedigardens on Monday. There’s still a lot to cover with it, and I haven’t had the chance to keep the migration going.

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

The #Mastodon app dev community keeps growing. The next generation is already on their way! 🎉🎉

@terhechte (Ebou)
@david (ThinkSocial, formerly Trunk for Mastodon)
@willrbishop (Sirin for Apple Watch)
@h3poteto (Whalebird)
@bonfire (Fediverse)

Check my article for even more.

I built one sec for myself in the very first lockdown of 2020, because I spent way too much time on Instagram and online news. As an app developer, I always tend to solve my problems by building new apps…the idea of one sec was born. After using the prototype for two weeks myself, I noticed my screen time was down 44% – and decided to polish the app and publish it on the AppStore. The app gained traction quickly, and received many 5-star ratings on the AppStore.

Turns out the Alice.apiURL crashing problem has resurfaced after some reports in TestFlight.

Please, if you're experiencing this crash, comment with details in Raceway! I need to know what domains Alice is struggling to parse correctly as a proper URL.

✨ Happy to announce I’m filling in a new important position:

@GruningJ is one sec’s lead scientist!

His responsibilities: funneling all research, and organizing experiments within the app.

There are many cool things to come 😏


There are a couple of Fediverse-related projects that both began in January 2023 which have almost identical names:

➡️ @fedigardens - An open source discussion-driven Mastodon app for iPhone and iPad, currently in testflight, with a website at

➡️ @FediGarden - An independent curated directory of Fediverse servers which have promised to maintain certain standards of reliability and moderation, with a website at


A new build is out today in ! It includes some improvements including a new attachments viewer and support for creating (and voting on) polls.


Release Notes:

Dropped a new #Fedigardens build today! Brings in the poll voting, composer updates, and @krzyzanowskim 's beloved language selector.

You can try it at:

You can view the release notes here:

Finally working on an attachment viewer in #Fedigardens! Currently, you can view all media types that are displayed in the status detail view, and you have the options to zoom in/out and share the URL (which should let you save items and whatnot).

Still need to figure out how to address audio, and I'd like to get panning working, too. Struggles...

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

If you're a current tester for #Fedigardens or contributor and you'd like to chat with me on it along with follow the progress of it, you can check out the Slack workspace I've made:

(Note: This link expires in a month)

#iosdev #iOSDevelopment

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