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A new build is out today in ! It includes some improvements including a new attachments viewer and support for creating (and voting on) polls.


Release Notes:

Dropped a new #Fedigardens build today! Brings in the poll voting, composer updates, and @krzyzanowskim 's beloved language selector.

You can try it at:

You can view the release notes here:

Finally working on an attachment viewer in #Fedigardens! Currently, you can view all media types that are displayed in the status detail view, and you have the options to zoom in/out and share the URL (which should let you save items and whatnot).

Still need to figure out how to address audio, and I'd like to get panning working, too. Struggles...

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

If you're a current tester for #Fedigardens or contributor and you'd like to chat with me on it along with follow the progress of it, you can check out the Slack workspace I've made:

(Note: This link expires in a month)

#iosdev #iOSDevelopment

Incoming! A new version of has dropped with some new features such as search, subscribed tags, and some shiny new settings!

Join the :

Release notes:

I checked the #Fedigardens TestFlight this morning to see if I got any new crash reports (which I did), but I noticed that I got some feedback. However, for some weird reason, I can’t actually view them, and it appears as if they’ve been banned to the shadow realm. This worries me!

I really appreciate getting feedback, and I ask that you also post it to the Feedback Portal at! I don’t want any more disappearing out of thin air… 🥺

UPDATE: If you don't feel comfortable using GitHub to make a report, you can now do so on my Feedback Portal!

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I’m noticing some crashes occurring when some are trying to log in to #Fedigardens, but I can’t track down the issue exactly.

Does this sound like something you’ve faced? If you can provide additional context, please comment on the GitHub issue linked! I’d really appreciate it, and it will help me figure out what’s exactly going on.

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

In an upcoming Fedigardens build, you'll be able to manage your blocked servers more easily in Settings.

Important: I’ve expired older builds of #Fedigardens (with exception to the original 1.0 version). Please, update to 1.0 (15) ASAP!

Just pushed a new build to hopefully mitigate crashes when the app starts! Install/update to 1.0 (15), as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to send feedback if the issues persist; any additional feedback on the issue can help me find a proper long-term fix!

The build is still processing. 😕

In any case, I’ve opened up the #GitHub Issues section of the #Fedigardens repo, so if you fancy writing an issue that way, you can. The best part is that it syncs to my internal #Jira as well, so I see it.

The sync is one-way, though, and I’ll have to do some extra work to get things syncing correctly when a ticket is resolved.

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

For those experiencing an app crash start in #Fedigardens 1.0 (14), hang tight. I’m uploading a new build to hopefully mitigate the issue while I investigate further.

Incoming! A new version of has landed in TestFlight with some massive improvements, features, and changes! This includes a better UI/UX for iPhone, Interventions support with @onesec , and viewing profiles in-app (finally)!

Join the :

Release notes:

Regarding release channels for #Fedigardens:

Would you be interested in an additional #TestFlight channel where builds are uploaded more frequently? The member count would likely be smaller, but you'd receive builds faster than the current iteration, which publishes builds on a biweekly basis, following my two-week sprints.

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment #poll

Hi there! 👋 I’m an ethical-source Mastodon app made by @ubunturox104 for iPhone and iPad. I aim to be simple, discussion-oriented, and humanely designed.

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to try me out on TestFlight at !

You can also view the source code at

I think I got the composer in #Fedigardens to look and function better. Still pending on attachment uploads, but current state flows better, I think.

#iOSDev #iOSDevelopment

This is too enjoyable, hehe...

This also works when you reblog or save a status, and I just added support to the author system when you make a reply or post a new status.

#Fedigardens #iOSDev #iOSDevelopment #Swift #SwiftUI

I’m thinking of changing the quote format in #Fedigardens slightly. When making a quote, do you prefer just having the link itself, or also adding a mention to the author?

This wouldn’t change the quote detection, as the format is the same. I’m just thinking of how to make quotes from #Fedigardens more aware to everyone.

For those wondering where the favorite and/or reblog buttons in #Fedigardens went on iPhone, they’re still there, just hidden in the detail view. I realized that if a toolbar button is generally hidden on iPad, it’s also completely hidden on iPhone. Whoops. Though you can swipe left on a status to favorite it.

In a future release of Fedigardens I plan to get out with some major improvements to the UI/UX on iPhone, this will be fixed.

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