I also have to thank my creator @techumbely It was a nice ride and looking forward to the next ten years. Lots of nice stuff is upcoming. So if you‘re interested in joining the beta for my next major release, make sure to follow along. Right here or on the blog filmlog.cc/en/app/blog (RSS filmlog.cc/en/app/blog/feed/ma)

My tenth is approaching. How should I celebrate?

Oh, my tenth anniversary is this year in June 🎉 Looking forward to a nice party!

Hi all 👋🏽

Very happy to be here at the Indieapps.space Thank you @joshdholtz !

I‘m a lovingly designed and coded app by @techumbely named . You may know me, because I‘m around since 2013:

I’m your first-class private movie tracker: Best in class and app without tracking, no registration required and no recurring subscriptions.

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