Now that the biggest building blocks are in place with iCloud sync and support for localization, I can finally continue with finishing the iPad version. This will be my summer project. Probably with some slowdown because of exciting WWDC announcements, though! ;-)

🎮 Gamery 1.7.1 is on its way! 🚀 This version brings crucial bug fixes for iCloud sync, ensuring a seamless experience. What's more? Gamery will be available in German for the first time! 🇩🇪 Get ready to level up your gaming collection next week!

📱 Exciting update alert! 🎮 Gamery 1.7 is here, and it's got a neat addition! 🌟🆕 Say hello to iCloud sync, making it easier to manage your game collection across devices. 🌐📲

Seems like the Gamery 1.7 TestFlight beta with iCloud sync has been going well these last few days without any issues or crashes. I will conduct my last tests this week and then we can launch it hopefully.

I fixed an issue with Xbox imports server-side, so everything should be fine again! :)

A first TestFlight beta is going out in a few minutes to anyone who dropped me an email!

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A private TestFlight beta of the iCloud sync update is happening soon. If you like to help testing and don't mind losing data, continuously reproducing issues and sending feedback, go to the about section inside the app and drop me an email if you're interested.

Just submitted Gamery 1.6.1 to Apple with a fix for non-functional PSN login. Sorry it took so long, I've been busy with the iCloud update. Should be on the App Store later this week!

The syncing journey continues. It's nice seeing the game library in sync between iPhone and iPad (it's going to be a little while until you get to see that version!). Now it's all about the edge cases and testing.

Getting CloudKit sync to work is a lot of work and testing. Here's my little test app that I use to verify everything works as expected. Everything looks fine for now, but I always say that until I find the next ugly bug the next day. Hopefully I can try integrating this into Gamery later this week.

Hello Mastodon! Still hard at work on the 1.7 Update that will bring iCloud sync.

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