GV Connect 2.9 is now available from the AppStore- - among various UI issues being fixed incoming contact cards (vCard attachments) are now fully supported.

GV Connect 3.8.5 is now available on the AppStore!

It fixes login issues causing the app to display the web UI as well as incorrectly sized images in conversations.

Due to server-side changes to Google’s login flow, some users are currently experiencing issues (repeated login screens, being stuck on the Google Voice web UI).
An updated version which fixes this has been submitted to Apple already and hopefully will be available soon.
Unfortunately this version will no longer support iOS 9 & 10 - the minimum required version now is iOS 11.

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For all #mastoadmin people that are running mastodon behind nginx as a proxy.

If you're having the problem that videos are not playing on iOS mobile devices, you're stumbling over some AppleCoreMedia behavior where it sends a range: bytes=0-1 header that is causing issues with the default nginx proxy configuration.

Details what iOS sends is at developer.apple.com/forums/thr.

The fix is to add "proxy_force_ranges on;" to the nginx config to add support for the range header.

Tadaaaa: Video works.

Welcome to the new home for GV Connect, making Google Voice a First class citizen on since 2010!

You can find us on the Apple AppStore at apps.apple.com/us/app/gv-conne

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