The next version of HabitBoard will bring individual habit reminders.

It's something I get asked the most (from the admittedly few users that are using the app) and I’m surprised at how complex this can get 🙌

It's likely that some users might want to have more than one reminder per habit.

Some reminders should probably only notify on certain days of the week, like „It's time to Run 🏃‍♂️“. And speaking of which, a custom notification message might also be nice.

Oh yes, and a custom notification action to mark the habit as done. And a way to snooze it for 30min.

And maybe also a way to temporarily pausing a reminder, without needing to delete it.

So happy working on this 🙌✅


Turns out there are a lot more things to consider:

• Pause reminders if the habit is already marked for the day, but re-schedule accordingly.

• Force specific reminders to show despite the habit already being marked.

• Add, edit, and delete a reminder triggers a sync to other devices, where reminders need to be re-scheduled.

• There is a system limit of 64 scheduled reminders per app, prioritize.

Surprisingly many things to consider for a feature that looks quite simple from the outside 🙌✅

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