How is Stream for Mac coming along? It’s kind of on hold while I add some stuff to Stream for iOS.

Here’s a screenshot to remind us where it stands: updating feeds, displaying a list (which looks awful), clicking on a feed item to display the full reader view all work as expected. It does, of course, need a whole lot of work before it’s shippable.

Been able to work on Stream a bit lately. Thanks to my friends who’ve been giving me feedback on some of my latest changes. Really appreciate all of your support. 🙏🏼

Hayseed was founded in 2008 as Apple Core Labs to build iOS Apps for clients as well as publishing our own products.

In 2014 it was renamed Hayseed and later turned its focus to creating product only.

It’s a small company, one person, me, Rob Fahrni. I focus my efforts on my little iOS Apps Stream and RxCalc.

Indie Apps is dedicated to hosting accounts for mobile and desktop applications developed by small, independent developers and development teams (no personal accounts, please).