New 2.0 beta is out that revises the Now Playing layout on iPad and on iPhone in landscape, and also adds scrobbling.

Grab it here:

Anyone using .org? Could add support for that, too, but no one has asked about it so far.

@longplay Kia ora! Thank you for thinking of the fledgeling but open source and mighty #listenbrainz 😍
I don’t have iOS devices but your player looks like it has some cool functions.
p.s. You have some unfortunate typos of ’negligence’ on your page :D

@aerozol Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed the typos. Will also give it a shot to add support for ListenBrainz. The API looks pretty straightforward.

@aerozol Got it working and am already tracking through the app 👍

@longplay amazing! I'll make a note to submit a pull request/add a link to your app at

@longplay I have a pull request ready, just nudge me when you’ve rolled out LB support on prod (or let me know if you already have)

@aerozol Awesome, thank you. Will ping you when it's live. It's part of a big update that I hope to wrap up soon.

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