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Really cool how widgets demonstrate the flexibility of @maparoni in such a pretty way:

- You can point it at arbitrary APIs by describing how to extract location information from JSON/XML APIs.
- Use formulas to filter/sort/style the locations.
- The widget then draws the map using an appropriate projection.

(Years of working on this in my spare time… 🤪)

#iOSDev #mapstodon #buildInPublic

New beta for iOS and macOS is out. We've given the iOS widgets a major upgrade, with a new style to show 1 or 2 locations from a map - either the top ones according to your preset, or random ones. And there were many other tweaks, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Grab it here:

New betas for iOS and macOS are out. There's a new "Tinker Mode" and a sizeable list of tweaks and fixes:


We’ll post updates and tips of our iOS and macOS beta as get closer to initial release.

Links to the beta are in the profile. Check it out, if you’re interested in , work with any kind of geo-related , or want a neat app for planning or documenting trips.

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