We have fixed the issue with authenticating your Calendar account with Ocean Meetings. However, for some users, it will require an app update. 1.0.9 is en route soon to AppReview to fix that.

Love the ending of chapter 3.6 - Three Generations in Build from @tonyfadell.

It takes 3 generations: V1, V2, V3.

A quick update: we are seeing a significant number of errors when you are trying to authenticate your calendar account with Ocean Meetings. If that’s your case, please send us feedback. We are investigating the issue right now. 🙏

Very exciting news!

Ocean: The Freelance Inbox is now available worlwide.

Ocean is a macOS native application designed specifically for freelancers and independent professionals to manage their overflowing inbox.

Led by Scott Lake, former CEO of Shopify, and Martin Dufort, ex-CEO of WhereCloud, the Ocean team has been working on this multi-year development project to bring you an intuitive and efficient inbox management solution.

Download it now on the Mac App Store: apps.apple.com/app/apple-store

Indie Apps

indieapps.space is dedicated to hosting accounts for mobile and desktop applications developed by small, independent developers and development teams (no personal accounts, please).