✨ What if an app forced you to develop healthier habits instead of being delivered to the seduction of social media right away?

With update 3.4,
one sec can now prompt you to journal before accessing social media first thing in the morning.

**Finite feeds and friendly friction**
How a little road bump in your iPhone nudges you to make more deliberate decisions on where you spend your time.

Some thoughts on #Mastodon, @glass, @onesec, and how to set things up for more deliberate decisions.


- Fixes an issue where some alternative app icons could not be selected in one sec’s settings.
- Fixes a bug where healthy alternatives would not be displayed in the “black screen” and “rotate phone” interventions.
- Fixes an issue where the minimal intervention settings wouldn't allow you to customize the breathing phrase.
- Fixes an issue where the Focus Block Screen was displayed incorrectly on iPhone Max models.
- Adds out-of-the-box-support for more than 75 highly-requested apps.

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✨ out now: one sec 3.3.7 for iOS with many bug fixes and improvements:

- You can now set up app-specific intervention durations.
- Adds a new study, in collaboration with one sec's UX designer @donatuswolf, who is exploring aspects of one sec in his master's thesis.
- Now counting Structured intervention as prevented attempt as well.
- Fixes a bug where editing the title of a custom app or its color wasn’t reflected in the user interface right away.

I built one sec for myself in the very first lockdown of 2020, because I spent way too much time on Instagram and online news. As an app developer, I always tend to solve my problems by building new apps…the idea of one sec was born. After using the prototype for two weeks myself, I noticed my screen time was down 44% – and decided to polish the app and publish it on the AppStore. The app gained traction quickly, and received many 5-star ratings on the AppStore.

✨ Happy to announce I’m filling in a new important position:

@GruningJ is one sec’s lead scientist!

His responsibilities: funneling all research, and organizing experiments within the app.

There are many cool things to come 😏


@cliffwade @fedigardens I’d like to think Fedigardens is part of that bigger discussion and is proposing ideas that other clients might not have yet. For example, the interventions feature I’ve been working on with @onesec, where you have breathing exercises to prevent doom scrolling.

Mann, der am Handy nur mal eben die Uhrzeit nachschauen wollte, chattet acht Minuten auf WhatsApp, schaut drei YouTube-Videos und liest einen Artikel über Peru, weiß aber am Ende immer noch nicht, wie spät es ist

Incoming! A new version of has landed in TestFlight with some massive improvements, features, and changes! This includes a better UI/UX for iPhone, Interventions support with @onesec , and viewing profiles in-app (finally)!

Join the : testflight.apple.com/join/31AZ

Release notes: fedigardens.app/changelog/#ver.

Heads up! @onesec now supports several Mastodon clients, so you can get back control over your restless tooting.

hello! 👋 I’m one sec, and I’ll force you to take a deep breath whenever you open social media.

download for free: one-sec.app

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