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Hello Mastodon!

I’m Padlok, a friendly iOS door code (digicode) manager, smart enough to notify you when you need them. I also support intercom, staircases, and any info needed to go somewhere.

Your place is fort knox and you expect a delivery? Share your info end-to-end encrypted to anyone with Padlok!

Give us a try, it’s free up to 3 addresses!

Padlok 2023.20 is now live in the App Store !

This update is brings full compatibility with iOS 17:
- Improved syncing between the phone and the watch
- Brought back your custom hand color everywhere in the app.
- Requesting your review for the App Store is now smarter, and less likely to prompt

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Still hard to believe it actually happened!

I got to give my first talk ever at @nsspain this year.
“Push the limits of Geofencing”, basically the story of how I came to build @padlok
What an opportunity, thanks again to the organizers!
Those two days were *incredible* !

#NSSpain #NSSpainXI #NSSpain23 #LightningTalk #Talk #Padlok #IndieDev

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The amount of refactoring this release required was high, but upcoming releases will be easier to work on.
I learned a lot making those features a reality!

#Padlok #IndieDev #Shortcuts #AppUpdate

What part of this release are you awaiting the most?

Coming on August 4th!

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Next release will be the biggest Padlok release EVER!

Coming on August 4th!

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@padlok context menus, before & after.

Adding sections makes it more clear, and even if it's a very small tweak, it brings me joy 😊

#IndieDev #BuildInPublic #iOSDev

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I think I like it even better. No submenu for picking the filters. Filter is cumulative by default, and inversion is hidden, because less natural.
#BuildInPublic #IndieDev #Padlok

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Last call!

is almost over, and so is !

Padlok offer (-50% on first year ; -33% on lifetime) will no longer be very soon!

If you haven't jumped in, now is the time!

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It's not too late!!!

You can still take advantage of the ongoing #IndieAppSales until tonight!

Get reduced prices for more than 100 apps, including Padlok:

@padlok is an address manager, built with privacy in mind, to store all your places and address, their associated info, and get a notification with them when you’re nearby.

You don’t need Padlok? Check out all the other apps before the sales ends!

#iOS #AppStore #IndieDev

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If you haven't got a chance to check #IndieAppSales, there a lot of apps on sales to check out!

But there is also @padlok

It's a place manager that allows you associate a specific place's info, and get them with a notification when you're around.
Get it now:

And check out the more than 100 apps currently on sales, until tomorrow evening only!

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Today and Tomorrow, @padlok is on sale!

Get the best in class Address Manager for iOS for a reduced price, store your friends addresses and info, and retrieve a notification when you arrive!

As part of #IndieAppSales, you’ll get 50% off your first year of subscription, or 33% off the lifetime purchase!

You can also check all the other incredible indie apps that are promoted today, for #PrimeDay here:

is here, and for 2 days, Padlok will be in sales: 33% off lifetime purchase, or 50% off the first year of the yearly subscription!

Get Padlok now, and you’ll never have to worry about remembering the floor or the code to get to your friend’s places!

Check out the other participating apps here:

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It’s been a while since I didn’t have time to work on my Filtering UX for @padlok
But for sure it starts to work good right now.
#IndieDev #BuildInPublic #iOSDev #Padlok

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Welp, y’all tried to force me to redesign the Indie
App Sales banner, with 10 new apps added this morning (!!!), but there's still room. It's not too late - if you're an Indie Dev, and want to join, submit a PR today!

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I’m pretty happy that Apple made me re-think my onboarding screen.
Now that I stop asking for permission, I can emphasis on the true value of #Padlok features instead!
#IndieDev #BuildInPublic

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