Partly Sunny 1.4.10 is available on the App Store!

This update has some radar-map additions—temperatures, wind speeds, radar & clouds—and some changes—warnings, storm cells, advisories.

Also some fixes—including a fix for Apple Weather forecasts not displaying properly for some users. Turns out working with dates, times, and time zones is… hard. 😆

Thank you for using and supporting Partly Sunny! ⛅️

Also with forecasts powered by Apple Weather, Week View can once again show yesterday for quick comparisons. Enable it in Settings > Daily Forecasts. (Partly Sunny Club required.)

And on iPad, Week View can show a 10-day extended forecast now.

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With forecasts powered by Apple Weather, hourly graphs are back for each day this week. So when you select a day in Week View, forecast details for the day once again include an hourly graph of temperatures & conditions.

(And as a reminder, you can tap anywhere on the graph to change the data point, and you can touch & hold to show details for the hour and then drag left & right to see other hours.)

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Partly Sunny 1.4.9 is available on the App Store! This update is Part Two of the post-Dark-Sky update. Partly Sunny is now powered by Apple Weather—which brings back hourly graphs for each day this week and yesterday’s weather!

Here are a few details:

Partly Sunny 1.4.7 is available on the App Store! This update (sadly) switches the app from Dark Sky. Forecasts are now powered by OpenWeather with support for Apple Weather coming soon.

Also in this update: Precipitation radar is now available worldwide. And there are new & expanded map layers: tropical storms worldwide, storm cells in the US, and advisories now in Canada & Europe too.

Thanks for using and supporting Partly Sunny! ⛅️

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